stone evolves pokemon
Shiny Stone
Togetic -> Togekiss
Roselia -> Roserade

Dusk Stone
Murkrow -> Honchkrow
Misdreavus -> Mismagius

Dawn Stone
Kirlia -> Gallade (MALE ONLY)
Snorunt -> Froslass (FEMALE ONLY)

2nd Gen (G/S) Stones –
Sun Stone
Sunkern ->Sunflora
Gloom -> Belossom

1st Gen (R/B) Stones

Fire Stone
Eevee -> Flareon
Vulpix -> Ninetales
Growlithe -> Arcanine

Water Stone
Poliwhirl -> Poliwrath
Shellder -> Cloyster
Staryu -> Starmie
Eevee -> Vaporeon
Lombre -> Ludicolo

Leaf Stone
Exeggute -> Exeggutor
Weepinbell -> Victreebel
Gloom -> Vileplume
Nuzleaf -> Shiftry

Thunder Stone
Eevee -> Jolteon
Pikachu -> Raichu

Moon Stone
Skitty -> Delcatty
Nidorino -> Nidoking
Nidorina -> Nidoqueen
Clefairy -> Clefable
Jigglypuff -> Wigglytuff


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